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Key to Happiness in Dorm Life #3

Eat Breakfast

I know I sound like a mother/teacher/cereal commercial when I say this, but honestly, I’ve never noticed a larger change in my life. Rather than waking up at 8:50, getting ready in 10 minutes, waiting in line at the tims for 10 minutes while some student gets individual orders for his entire tutorial group, rushing to class only to be late and be stared at by everyone including that cute guy you were going to sit beside but people have already taken that seat and…okay so this may have been a personal experiance. But rather than put your tired soul through that, I have found it a pleasure to wake up a bit earlier and have time for a proper, sit down breakfast instead of that caloric coffee drink Tims tries to pass off as a latte. Eating breakfast allows me to fully wake up, not be starving half way through my lecture, eat a smaller lunch and dinner, and stalk the cute “morning people” at the caf. 

Okay, so the cafeteria staff don’t exactly make food that looks like this…but its the thought that counts.

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